GS Nov 20th 04:47pm
SMK 150cc (PAL)
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GS Nov 19th 06:59pm
PB vs (PAL)
GS Nov 19th 06:39pm
SMK 150cc (PAL)
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Scoub : As discussed, i will be around this evening from 9:30pm UK time (10:30pm French time) again. Jey and Drew: Tonight also, we can get it done, not later than midnight for me though (7:00pm snesot clock). Thursday same time in the evening this week as backup.
Nov 18th 08:07am
I can do that slot. See you then mate.
Nov 18th 05:01am
@ Wayze, the 5-6 am (SNESOT time) slot on Saturday works fine for me (like last time we played). Hope to see you then!
Nov 18th 04:40am
Scoub: I will be online from 9:30pm tonight (UK time), 10:30pm French time. I am also happy to play the GP round straight after, can help get the last tourno moving as it started a little later than usual. See you this evening. Jey / Drew: My availability for the GPs are tonight, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30pm UK time (4:30pm snesot time), until midnight / 7pm snesot hour.
Nov 17th 06:07am
That's fine Coca. I'll catch you this Friday coming to play our match. To everyone else in my group, I can be online anyday between 4-6am snesot time. Let me know which day & particular hour you guys can play me. Thx
Nov 17th 05:09am
@ Wayze It's imposible for me to play between 02:00 and 10:00 Snesot all the week except weekend.As usually is fine for me at night here around 15:00 ~ 18:30.see you.
Nov 17th 03:13am
Puzzle Bobble (Handicap 5) Tournament have started! :)
Nov 17th 03:01am
Vinnie says: ALL RIGHT! -- Karbuncle says: YEAHAHAAA! -- Modo says: GO! -- Throttle says: ROCK ON! -- Limburger says: YEE! -- Grease Pit says: AHÃÃ!
Nov 15th 07:07pm