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I will list everyone that donates in the comments and on the about page. $1, $5, $10, $50 or $10000. Everything appreciated :)

I just added this in the forum thread I linked to above:
The server is hosted in Laz's home. We bought a server a few years back for maybe 600 dollars. A renewal of the hamachi room which is needed soon will be either $119 for a 256 network or $29 each for 32 player network. if we go with the 32 ones we probably will need 3. Other costs are electricity $15/month, bandwidth costs ($40/month) and theoretically we'd need a better internet provider to assure that the site won't go offline.

This is the biggest part though:
Nowadays it is hard for both me and Laz to get time to do bug fixes and updates on the site. Organizing the tournaments are really time consuming too. Checking up on players and make sure they have their matches scheduled in time, test new players connections and help them set things up for online play and so on. Was easier before when I didn't have a family.

Listing the things:
Server: (one time cost) $600
Hamachi renewal: $119 a year
Electricity: $15 a month or $180 a year
Bandwidth: $40 a month or $480 a year
Organizing, updating, bug fixing: Hard to put an actual amount on this, but if Laz and I had a steady income from doing this we could actually set a side a specific time a day we'd work on snesot.

One thing we could do is a subscription thingy on SNESOT. $5 a month and you get some extra little things and a picture in your profile that says you are a subscribing user. Maybe a gold username or a star after it or something.

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First 3 tournaments hosted by us are done
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Spring League is up!!
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can someone do me a favor and tell duffjr on hamachi that ill be on at 430 PM SNESOT time
Apr 18th 03:17pm
@Jey, I'll be in Hamachi quite a bit this weekend so hopefully catch you then.
Apr 18th 03:06pm
@MOLL: please tell me when ur available to play our QF ? Im here lot of time in this period. Cheers
Apr 18th 11:49am
I really have my doubts on Luminohelix and Juanitox. Try to prove me wrong guys
Apr 17th 11:17pm
Correct Moll.
Apr 17th 07:00pm
@ Konings, I am sure you could beat Gabriel and pass Moll in the seed rank, that would give the same QF matches, only the SF matches would be affected, but that 'd not be a big matter I think.
Apr 17th 04:37pm
Because Jey and Plompen didn't play their game until well after the knockout stages were announced (at that time ZTI was topping the group).
Apr 17th 11:15am
@ ZTI Why are u seeded as nr 1 player on K.O fase of 150cc CP B? as Jey ended 1e in the poule fase
Apr 17th 03:56am