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SMK Battle PAL Tournaments done!
Tournament Info - Super Mario Kart
1 com. 
Oct 28th/2014 - 06:56pm by xot82   
The first Puzzle Bobble champion is...
Tournament Info - Puzzle Bobble
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Oct 26th/2014 - 07:56pm by MrGuinas   
Garro Wins Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright
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Sep 28th/2014 - 10:08pm by Garro   
SMK PAL Battle tournaments have started!
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Sep 12th/2014 - 09:50pm by xot82   
JuniorPark!!! The winner!!!
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Sep 09th/2014 - 05:31am by MrGuinas   
SMK World Championship 2014 is over !
General Game Info - Super Mario Kart
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Aug 19th/2014 - 06:43pm by ScouB   
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Luigi's Motivation
Random Fun - Super Mario Kart
Luigi, u are not the Green Mario like everyone say... U are the best :) Trust this XD... To all these players who dont believe in yourself, i made this video... Always make u better, u can go very far with ur success :)
3 com.  Oct 23rd 01:23pm by MrGuinas   
Geo vs. ScouB - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Match Race - PAL
Weird GV1 line glitch. I could have won that one if I noticed I was first before losing my mushroom :D But dunno if that would have been allowed considering tournament rules.
5 com.  Oct 19th 04:53pm by ScouB   
Super Mario Kart: battle mode [LEGENDS]
Game Techniques - Super Mario Kart
My new video about all the stars in Super Mario Kart... Enjoy :D (Make videos like that requires much work and time to do so... A good feedback is all i need :) )
8 com.  Oct 19th 06:58am by MrGuinas   
ScouB vs. Geo - F
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode - PAL
1 com.  Oct 16th 03:45pm by ScouB   
duffjr vs. ScouB - SF
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode - PAL
Close match.
2 com.  Oct 8th 05:05pm by duffjr   
Wayze vs. ScouB - QF
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode - PAL
2 com.  Oct 5th 08:13am by ScouB   
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@Cocatriz - Excellent, you will love it, and there is a nice challenge for you there. Im also trying to recruit a group of guys from Spain if possible.
Oct 30th 04:49pm
@ Sami.Thanks for the warning, i'll take it into account.2015 is the definitive year to go.
Oct 30th 03:44pm
Cocatriz10: Slightly off topic... Please check the Super Mario Kart World Championship 2015 news xot put up. Dates are 18th - 22nd August 2015 and you are one of the most wanted new players to come to it if you can :)
Oct 29th 06:22pm
u're right cocatriz10, i'll be available this week end!
Oct 29th 08:41am
I could try to play with tif, jey, and salim using telephaty...because they are never online and I'm online for hours and hours...
Oct 29th 04:35am
MR B needs to speed up a bit. Cocatriz, Jey, ZTI, salim and tif. only 5 matches done in 2 weeks and 3 of them including Yoshiandlugia.
Oct 28th 06:40pm
Not many matches left in MR A. Deadline for group matches will be on Monday for both A and B.
Oct 28th 06:36pm
Hey guys, don't forget SMB3 Turtle Shirink and Turtle Coin just 19% and 13% of all the matches are played, so go on and smash some turtles
Oct 28th 12:36pm