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SMK Battle (NTSC)
GS Feb 9th 07:29pm
SMK Battle (NTSC)
QF Feb 9th 02:02pm
SMK Battle (NTSC)
F Feb 7th 01:13pm
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Latest News
Garro is the winner of the SMK 20XX NTSC Battle Tournament!
Tournament Info - Super Mario Kart
0 com. 
Feb 07th/2016 - 01:59pm by Cocatriz   
KevinSchmidt is MM2 Champ!
Tournament Info - Micro Machines 2
3 com. 
Jan 31st/2016 - 12:02am by Hawk   
2016 Super Mario Kart Season starts!
General Game Info - Super Mario Kart
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Jan 16th/2016 - 12:52pm by xot82   
MM2 is back!
Tournament Info - Micro Machines 2
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Jan 10th/2016 - 03:47pm by Hawk   
Don't miss this!
General Game Info - Super Mario Kart
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Jan 03rd/2016 - 08:14pm by xot82   
SNESOT Updates
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Dec 30th/2015 - 05:55am by Lazaroth   
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Robocop Gameboy Theme - HQ Extended Remix
V1.1 - Chiptunemusic Arrangement of an epic Gameboy game title theme in 32-bit, made with soundfonts. (Used programs: SynthFont, Emagic Logic Fun, Audacity)
1 com.  Feb 9th 11:02am by Gabriel_West   
duffjr vs. Garro - F
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - 20XX - NTSC
Pretty interesting match. Worth a watch.
0 com.  Feb 7th 01:16pm by duffjr   
Practice - Tetris Attack - Dr. Mario - NTSC
I have no words to describe this
1 com.  Feb 5th 12:51pm by MrGuinas   
duffjr vs. Garro - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode - NTSC
Funny, fast matches except the 1st one.
2 com.  Jan 27th 03:57am by duffjr   
Hawk vs. duffjr - SF
Tournament Match - Micro Machines 2 - One Track - PAL
Watch the 2nd half of the match--a couple crazy moves!
3 com.  Jan 25th 09:11pm by duffjr   
Cocatriz vs. duffjr - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - 20XX - NTSC
0 com.  Dec 19th 11:45am by Cocatriz   
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Garro, I'll be online later this afternoon from 5pm snesot time to play our SF match. Hope to see you then. Thx mate
Feb 12th 03:23am
Heya, as SNESOT I guess this online SNES speedrunning marathon is of great interest to our members: http://snessuperstars.org/ Perhaps one of the admins can submit a front page post about it? Cheers!
Feb 10th 04:48pm
Hi guys :-) GW is back! Super Tennis LIVE Tourneys are starting soon when I'm less busy again. (Completely new tournament format) Maybe in 1-2 months the first sign up stage will be up. Notification in advance: Don't miss the rules since a lot will have been changed then. See you!
Feb 9th 11:09am
I'll be on tomorrow and the following days for my QF vs Garro. :) Congrats on reaching the final duff, impressive result!
Feb 6th 06:01am
Garro can you accept me please ? :)
Feb 5th 03:48pm
After 5 months tournament just had to be finished up.
Feb 5th 11:51am
Why did you advance Cocatriz in Battle B PAL while he lost to Dabza?
Feb 4th 07:57am
SMK Battle playoff added!
Feb 1st 09:34pm