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Latest News
The first Harpuia trophy!
Tournament Info - Megaman Soccer
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Dec 21st/2014 - 11:54pm by MrGuinas   
Changes in the throne!
Tournament Info - Puzzle Bobble
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Dec 12th/2014 - 09:23pm by MrGuinas   
SMK World Championship 2015 - Registrations are open !
General Info

Super Mario Kart Championships held each year in France are back in 2015.

This isn't online but a live event where each year players from around the World (some from SNESOT and the Super Mario Kart Time Trial World Rankings) meet in France to challenge each other on all 4 SMK modes! It is a great yearly event, and atmosphere, something everyone should do at least once.

It will take place from 18th to 22nd August at La Suze-sur-Sarthe, a town located near Le Mans, France. People like Sami, Geo, Noctambule, Lightfoot, ShadowSMK, Zarkov, Moll, Duffjr most likely and myself will be attending from SNESOT many more from Time Trial. We are looking forward to hopefully see a bigger crowd.

The deadline for registration is the end of June, so you have about 6 months left to sign up (enough time to book days off and spare some money), the link is here:
--> Registration Page

More information:
--> How to come?
--> Agenda
--> Previous Years Results

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Dec 11th/2014 - 02:00pm by ScouB   
SMK Battle PAL Tournaments done!
Tournament Info - Super Mario Kart
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Oct 28th/2014 - 06:56pm by xot82   
The first Puzzle Bobble champion is...
Tournament Info - Puzzle Bobble
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Oct 26th/2014 - 07:56pm by MrGuinas   
Garro Wins Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright
Tournament Info - Kirby's Dream Course
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Sep 28th/2014 - 10:08pm by Garro   
Latest Videos
Final - Schimidt vs MrGuinas
Tournament Match - Biker Mice From Mars - Battle Mode - NTSC
Some friends asked me to record our hands when we play... There it is proof that play on the keyboard :P
3 com.  Dec 20th 08:21am by MrGuinas   
Hawk vs. duffjr - SF
Tournament Match - Super Mario Bros 3 - Turtle Coin - NTSC
Fun matches all around. Crazy intense 3rd set from about 30 minutes onward.
0 com.  Dec 15th 06:26pm by duffjr   
Kevin in your practice time... Keep rocking dude!
Practice - Tetris Attack - vs Mode - NTSC
3 com.  Dec 5th 10:35pm by MrGuinas   
Cocatriz10 vs. VELASQUEZ
Random Fun - Super Mario Kart - Match Race - NTSC
What nobody like it occurs.
4 com.  Dec 4th 05:19pm by Cocatriz10   
SamiCetin vs. KVD - SF
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - 150cc GP - PAL
Always nice to play vs the absolute top
10 com.  Dec 3rd 03:30pm by KVD   
duffjr vs. Fenty - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Bros 3 - Turtle Shrink - NTSC
Fenty vs duffjr SMB3 Mixed Mode(Last 2 Modes Were Extremely Close). I pulled off a miracle move in the 3-3 game of the 2nd to last set at 52:37. Fenty had bad luck in the final of the set at 55:22 with a missed jump that sent him down two levels onto a spiny to open. I took a phone call at 27:25 that sent me on a downhill spiral for the next 5 minutes.
2 com.  Nov 30th 04:55am by duffjr   
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Added to hamachi connexion issue, Jey is also confronted with availability issue recently... He told me we can't play before 29-30 December apparently. To the tournament admin: feel free to disqualify him if you want to see the GP PAL finished before New Year's eve.
Dec 22nd 05:57am
Will Jey ever sort out his hamachi issues? We all had them and managed to sort them within a day or two. Let's wrap up GP before 2015! :)
Dec 22nd 05:43am
If I update beast server. How much would it cost per month to host it somewhere? It doesn't require port forwarding but adds latency because players aren't connected directly. There's also a bug that adds a 5 frames of latency on beast server (limit is 13 for zsnes).
Dec 22nd 04:38am
If it helps, I can try to make a simple tutorial to open the Firewall ports to play Snes online
Dec 21st 12:10am
Very nice to see the megaman soccer tournament 100% completed!
Dec 20th 11:51pm
Yes, that is pretty much it HAK. Personally I'd prefer port forwarding, but it is too complicated for most people.
Dec 20th 11:50pm
(cont..) central hub and a gateway for new members and not necessarily for optimal connection purposes, but for the majority of the community the gameplay and connection is great and results base more on the individual clients themselves. when my old windows xp got clogged up and slow, so did my zsnes matches. same reasons why people complain about duff's connection. but of course, players can use whatever connection they mutually choose.
Dec 20th 08:09pm
the idea behind using vpn was to make it easier for beginners and new members (which are necessary for the site and community to grow) to use the zsnes netplay. as you know, most routers and network setups require portforwarding in order to connect to peers and use the netplay function. unable to connect to another person on zsnes is a common problem and is almost always due to the firewall. for me and you, this is a simple fix. but for the less-tech savvy like the average person, it is a huge and disturbing hassle. the veterans here have experienced this in the zbattle days and it is still a legitimate problem. it's not even a one-trick pony type of fix; each router brand requires different steps. so instead of fixing each individual beginners router settings to gather a network base, we can give new members the network name and password and they can easily log in and get connected. of course, the more advanced players can use direct ip if that does suit them more. but we use vpn as a
Dec 20th 08:05pm