SF Aug 22nd 03:53pm
KI vs (NTSC)
GS Aug 22nd 02:42am
KI vs (NTSC)
GS Aug 21st 09:31pm
KI vs (NTSC)
GS Aug 21st 12:48am
KI vs (NTSC)
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  Super Tennis Cincinnati Masters Super Tennis
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Latest News
SMK World Championship 2014 is over !
General Game Info - Super Mario Kart
1 com. 
Aug 19th/2014 - 06:43pm by ScouB   
Oswin5656 Wins Whispy
Tournament Info - Kirby's Dream Course
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Aug 19th/2014 - 11:40am by Garro   
Site Update
SNESOT Updates
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Aug 14th/2014 - 12:44pm by Lazaroth   
4 months of this tournament now, Finally done
Tournament Info - Tetris Attack
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Jul 23rd/2014 - 01:45pm by Yoshiandlugia   
:::TRUMPETS:::: The first SMK Battle League Champion is DUFFJR !!
Tournament Info - Super Mario Kart
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Jul 02nd/2014 - 05:46pm by Kart_King   
SMB3 tourney
Tournament Info - Super Mario Bros 3
3 com. 
Jun 23rd/2014 - 08:51pm by Fank009   
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Garro vs. duffjr - F
Tournament Match - Super Mario Bros 3 - Battle Mode - NTSC
Garro vs duffjr Final
1 com.  Aug 19th 03:18am by duffjr   
Bowser Rider - The crazy adventures of Bowser
Bowser cartoon with Knight Rider soundtrack
2 com.  Jul 28th 03:51am by Gabriel_West   
SMK Battle Movie (SNESOT)
Random Fun - Super Mario Kart - default - NTSC
THIS is snesot!
4 com.  Jul 20th 08:29pm by MrGuinas   
FritvetBE vs. HAK777 - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Bros 3 - Battle Mode - NTSC
group stage mage between HAK777 (mario) and myself, FritVetBE (Luigi) some weird things happen though around 13:35, but i had lots of fun with this game :-)
2 com.  Jul 13th 05:03pm by FritvetBE   
SMK Battle Mode practice Marathon (to 30) vs. Kart_King
Practice - Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode - NTSC
Some intense battles between Koopa (HAK777) and Kart_King (Toad). We played to 30, so this video is 90 minutes long, but you can at least watch the last point (starting at 1:25:36) and my post-game reaction to the match.
2 com.  Jun 13th 02:02pm by HAK777   
Gabriel_West vs. Yoshiandlugia - F
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - 150cc GP - NTSC
Part2/2 (Final GP150cc Spring WC C)
0 com.  May 10th 04:11am by Gabriel_West   
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edit: zsnes freezes when 4* players are connected.
Aug 27th 12:21am
cool to see u here raider. randomly came on here for the first time since start of college and saw ya. welcome back. Since you've been gone, this community has been blessed with a new excellent hacker. in just a matter of days, he created a way for 3+ players to connect together in ZSNES netplay. (zsnes freezes when 3 controllers are used, however. the extra players after the 3 can just spectate) This may be an interest to you as it could benefit the co-op games that you enjoy. Feel free to ask the creator "Myself" or Garro for details on how this is done, as I am busy during these times. Cheers, HAK777
Aug 27th 12:20am
I PM'd you Raider...
Aug 26th 06:20pm
Hey I'm back on snesot. For some reason I can't come on and talk on the forums as I miss chatting on there. But I think I can chat on here though I'm not sure. As I'm a forum goer in a lot of other sites, the forums would be the way to go. Also I have to apologize for trying to convert snesot into a co-op gathering instead of a tourney gathering. It was immature of me to try to ask something of this site that it actually isn't. Not sure why I can't post on the forums.
Aug 26th 03:31pm
If only I had the ability to arrange friendly tourneys here. I'd totally make a friendly Mixed Match game. Also, we need to formulate an All-Cup Tour kind of thing; something from every genre, with no bias.
Aug 25th 09:32am
***money donated to charity when the videos are online - good luck ! ****
Aug 20th 06:17pm
I challenge Zoidstar, Nev and Gab West to take part in the ALS SNESOT Ice Bucket Challenge ***> you have exactly 1 week please
Aug 20th 06:11pm
*SNES TOP-Multiplayer Games list..
Aug 20th 03:42pm