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GS Feb 23rd 09:44pm
TA vs (NTSC)
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SMK Battle (NTSC)
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  SMK GP 150cc Spring - NTSC Super Mario Kart
150cc GP
Super Nintendo
11 Sign-up Stage
Mar 11th 06:00am
  Rock N Roll Racing II Rock N Roll Racing
New Game
Super Nintendo
2 Sign-up Stage
Mar 3rd 06:00am
  MM2 - Chainsaw Chase Micro Machines 2
One Track
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Mar 2nd 06:00am
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Mar 1st 06:00am

Latest News
Hawk is RRR Champ!
Tournament Info - Rock N Roll Racing
2 com. 
Feb 25th/2015 - 05:38pm by Hawk   
MM2 'Chainge' of plans
Tournament Info - Micro Machines 2
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Feb 24th/2015 - 07:08pm by Hawk   
Fentaroo wins Tiny Treehouse
Tournament Info - Micro Machines 2
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Feb 17th/2015 - 11:41am by tiftif   
No compromises anymore! Let's get the stone rolling!
Tournament Info - Super Tennis
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Feb 10th/2015 - 05:24pm by Gabriel_West   
MM2 Basement Bumps tourno is over!
Tournament Info - Micro Machines 2
3 com. 
Jan 21st/2015 - 03:18am by tiftif   
Super Tennis is back on snesot !!! Australian Open Sign Up Stage added
Tournament Info - Super Tennis
0 com. 
Jan 21st/2015 - 02:30am by Gabriel_West   
Latest Videos
Cocatriz10 vs. KVD - SF
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Match Race - NTSC
Not an oscar winning match, not even a pretty much by any standard...but the unexpected scoreline development sure got the adrenaline rushing towards the end.
0 com.  Feb 23rd 06:19pm by KVD   
KVD vs. Moll
Practice - Super Mario Kart - default - NTSC
Comedy finish on VL2
1 com.  Feb 21st 04:19am by KVD   
Cocatriz10 vs. SamiCetin - QF
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Match Race - NTSC
All the disaster Events and a lot of greens in a row at 2nd place and so...
5 com.  Feb 19th 06:20pm by Cocatriz10   
Cocatriz10 vs. Kart_King
Shortcuts and Tricks - Super Mario Kart - default - NTSC
5 com.  Feb 19th 11:27am by Cocatriz10   
Cocatriz10 vs. Garro - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Match Race - NTSC
2 com.  Feb 18th 07:20pm by Cocatriz10   
KVD vs. ScouB - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - Match Race - NTSC
ScouB takes me to SMK school
0 com.  Feb 16th 05:49pm by KVD   
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cmon guys, sign up for Super Tennis Indian Wells!
Feb 25th 05:30pm
ST: message with ZSNES connecting guide for Mac/Windows connections sent to Zoid & Avivi The winner of Avivi and Zoid match will have to play his semis at the latest at weekend! If you guys had again no success with connecting, Avivi (windows user) walks through into semis on saturday
Feb 25th 05:07pm
Alright, I will be accepting replacements for evil cloud now. If you want to enter TA level 7, either leave a comment or pm me
Feb 25th 01:47pm
i m coming in too
Feb 24th 07:19pm
No worries ScouB. I'll play you on the Fri 4pm snesot time sharp. See you then mate. Thx
Feb 24th 03:33pm
KVD: Ya unfortunately Weds and Fri are the two i cant do... But of course there is still time, considering Wayze / Scoub for weekend. Plus the start date for GP is further ahead. I am in and out a bit on weekend, so maybe next Monday, same time if worst comes to worst? Then the finals can be planned thereafter to finish next week...
Feb 24th 07:10am
Neither, probably Friday then? I could play Wednesday, but I see you're not available that evening. Nice complementary availability hehe. Anyway ScouB won't play Wayze before this weekend, so we have time.
Feb 24th 06:13am
@wayze : i guess we can plan our usual saturday slot (snesot Time 3.30 am onwards) Except if you can be online on friday 4-5 pm snesot Time. Let me know.
Feb 24th 06:03am