SF Aug 22nd 03:53pm
KI vs (NTSC)
GS Aug 22nd 02:42am
KI vs (NTSC)
GS Aug 21st 09:31pm
KI vs (NTSC)
QF Aug 21st 08:55pm
SB3 Battle (NTSC)
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***money donated to charity when the videos are online - good luck ! ****
Aug 20th 06:17pm
I challenge Zoidstar, Nev and Gab West to take part in the ALS SNESOT Ice Bucket Challenge ***> you have exactly 1 week please
Aug 20th 06:11pm
*SNES TOP-Multiplayer Games list..
Aug 20th 03:42pm
SNES Multiplayer Games list (almost complete and sorted by type of Multiplay/VS, Co-Op, Multitap): check out now in forum and vote your own favorites here -> http://snesot.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=703#p4793
Aug 20th 03:36pm
If it's about american football games then I would say Tecmo Super Bowl should be better. Especially the NES one (as we are at the brink of multiplatforming of SNESOT)
Aug 20th 04:21am
can John Madden Football '93 be played online? or Extra Innings? those games are awesome. there's some more tournaments for ya duff. (also hopefully you'll come join us back at nhl94...you're a great bud)
Aug 18th 04:50pm
We need more SNES tournies. Bring back MM2. People can play in 5 tournies at once if each tourney is slated for 6 weeks. There isn't much interest because people want more games to choose from and should be encouraged to join multiple tournaments. We need a subs list as well for people who don't like the new game or never appear for their matches.
Aug 17th 10:55pm
Super Tennis: Cincinnati Masters & Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Sign Up stage added! Start date: August 29 th
Aug 17th 01:46pm