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Update 2

It's late on sunday as I'm writing this, but I still have some things left to do. Video page, ranking page and login. Everything else is fixed (I think). I will try to get it done as soon as possible over the next few days after work. It depends on when I get home and how tired I am.

- Laz

Update 1

The site is being worked on with the intent of putting it back up sometime during sunday. We'll see though, I give no guarantees. I also have other commitments I have to attend to.

- Laz

SNESOT was attacked by one or several individuals on the 26th of April. The real reasoning behind it is unknown, but it is speculated a disagreement between members started it. As the SNESOT veterans know, the site hasn't been actively worked on for several years now. Several attempts have been made to gather the necessary funds to add new features and to move on to a different framework that would have allowed more modern features such as mobile friendliness and increased security. None proved successful. We even tried adding ads for a period, which wasn't well received.

SNESOT doesn't deal with any sensitive data. It's mostly statistics and some personal information that was available to everyone on the site anyway, such as names and e-mail. Passwords are encrypted, though admittedly you can always have stronger encryption. It is therefore advisable that you change your password if you've used it elsewhere. The most sensitive information is probably the person to person chat, but it's unlikely anyone cares a whole lot about that since most chat happened on other places, such as Hamachi, Skype and Facebook.

Just over the last year, the website has cost $300-400 in maintenance and upkeep; computer parts failing, electrical and internet bills etc. What we've received in donations is 10% at best. The rest has gone directly out of Lazaroth's personal wallet. Fixing the website to 2016 standards is not mostly about money however, but time. The people behind the site just doesn't have it. Lazaroth is working (more than) full time, xot is married and living in another country and ScouB manages his own website besides also working. This is a problem. With no people available atm and individual(s) with personal vendetta(s), there's just no way we can put SNESOT back up in its current state.

The question is; what is the future of SNESOT?

If you have an answer, send an email to snesot@gmail.com or use the comment box below. Be aware of people impersonating other people though, which is why I encourage other places to do real discussions and the place below to direct people to said places. Once that is decided, I might just replace the box altogether with a link.
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