GS Sep 18th 08:17pm
SMK Battle (PAL)
GS Sep 18th 07:48pm
SMK Battle (PAL)
GS Sep 18th 06:52pm
SMK Battle (PAL)
GS Sep 18th 05:45pm
SMK Battle (PAL)
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No worries toots.
Sep 18th 01:06pm
Tif Tif: As discussed i will try to be there for 11pm uk time (midnight France time) this evening. Il only have a short timeslot but we can complete our battle tonight. If by chance i am here a little earlier we can begin immediately. Cheers and catch you then. Sami
Sep 18th 10:24am
Hello everyone! The vote for the next championship is ending, run to ensure that the game that you like be here in Snesot Choose between: Biker Mice From Mars and Warrior's Wood Link:
Sep 18th 09:29am
Im up for 'turtle soccer' or 'turtle coins' practice today, pm me on here
Sep 17th 07:32am
I hosted 2 turtle tournaments. "Turtle coin" gives a chance for the player at the bottom of the stage to collect coins by scoring goals. "Turtle shrink" is heavily focused at the bottom of the stage because scoring a goal hurts the other player unless he's still invincible from a previous hit.
Sep 17th 04:14am
Tif / Mr Guinas: Il be online this next hour, and next time will be Thursday evening at some stage. Please let me know if you are around to do the match. Next chance next week probably Tuesday or so.
Sep 16th 06:07pm
"Myself" is going to host two different versions of SMB3 soon.
Sep 16th 01:54pm
Turtles is shit anyway.
Sep 16th 07:03am