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GS Nov 20th 06:11pm
SMB3 Battle (NTSC)
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SMB3 Battle (NTSC)
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SMB3 Battle (NTSC)
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duff, seems like you wait your new adapter before playing ?
Nov 25th 03:18pm
SMK GP Tournament has started.
Nov 25th 11:06am
Hi SMB3 folks, My smartjoy seems to be nowhere to be found so I'll have to use my KB. I'll be available pretty much every day save for tuesday and wesnesday evening.
Nov 25th 10:16am
@Groovy, Can you give a day/time (my availability is still the same as in the message comments), I have to log into hamachi from a different pc so is a bit of a pain to just keep logging in on the off chance.
Nov 24th 03:33pm
Cocatriz: ok, If I don't hear back from you in time He will not be in the tournament.
Nov 24th 02:50pm
@Moll, Sorry I was busy these days... I had a week of college exams and left to enter the hamachi for a while... but now I'm back and if you want to play with me, you better find me in the snesot network.
Nov 24th 02:37pm
it seems ScouB is giving a chance to snesot to have other winners.. am I right?
Nov 24th 01:43pm