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KVD: As we discussed offline, I should be online Thursday evening, usual sort of 9pm UK time (4pm snesot time that we do). But I will confirm if anything changes. Garro and Drew: For the GP match also, I can do only Thursday it seems for this week between 4pm - 6pm snesot time. The next available might be Monday evening 7th December, and during the week from there I will let you know. Might catch you Thursday hopefully so we can get a head start as our group contains a few more matches.
Nov 28th 10:28am
No worries Sami. If you can't make it later this evening, we can arrange to play Thursday same time if your available then. Let me know what you think. Thx mate
Nov 28th 01:48am
Wayze / KVD : Update.. Small emergency happened so a slight chance I may not make tomorrow to play, but Il be in touch if anything changes, would be good if I can be there at some point in the day, the afternoon slot was also affected. Anyway Il keep you both posted, good luck for your Semi Finals.
Nov 27th 08:37pm
No worries Sami. Thanks for the update.
Nov 27th 07:30pm
@Garro, could you email me on my hotmail? i have an idea regarding the hamachi for next year
Nov 27th 04:38pm
Wayze, I 'll be back home probably 7pm snesot time to squeeze in a late one quickly on our usual time slot; or better idea in the morning.. if you are done early and stay online i can play that morning immediately after you both have cos then it will be 11am ish UK time?, KVD you can SMS me and il check SNESOT in morning, so i can play either of you immediately as it wont be too late at night yet for Wayze. As last backup for KVD: I have few hours in afternoon. More likely 2pm - 5pm region on Dutch time (1pm - 4pm my time latest) cos then i need to head out. And then Drew / Garro / Dabza: As i am away most of the next week and weekend after, maybe i can squeeze in a GP match in the afternoon too to get a head start on that. As i have those few hours free in afternoon, il check if any of you there but may be early hours for USA. So KVD / Wayze lets see for the late morning idea first.
Nov 27th 05:45am
6-7am snesot time works for me. See you tomorrow Wayze!
Nov 27th 04:55am
Hi Karel. I am available as you mentioned but after 6am snesot time. Sami, if your available on Sat night to play from 5pm snesot time, let me know & I'll play you then if I win. Take note too Coca. Thx guys
Nov 26th 03:28pm