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SMK Battle (PAL)
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Groovy, i'll be online "tonight" (for me) from snesot time 1pm onwards. Waiting to hear from you soon ...
Oct 7th 04:29am
Hi cloud: I can play our match on wednesday, until 4pm and 9 pm (french time): is it good for u in those hours ? Cheers. Jey
Oct 5th 04:00pm
GroovyYoshi when can you play ?
Oct 5th 11:23am
Hi Drew, thanks, il be here 4pm SNESOT time this Monday, then gota go at 5:30pm latest (so we have an hour and half slot). My next available time is not likely to be till the following Monday 12th October evening - may be a bit late.
Oct 4th 08:48pm
You can now sign up for SMK Match Race PAL Tournament.
Oct 3rd 10:38pm
Yea, I usually take a half day on Monday because it's my busiest day.
Oct 2nd 01:28pm
Drew, i wont be around this weekend; can you do Monday snesot time 4pm - 5:30pm slot latest? Il be busy towards the end of next week and away the weekend after too, so lets try get it done early in week if possible to avoid extra delays on the tourno. Thanks man.
Oct 2nd 08:06am
Thanks ScouB
Oct 1st 08:28pm