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jurgen klinsmann spotted in the crowd!!! bas schweinsteiger on twitter!!!
Mar 4th 06:17pm
Sunday: When the ladies used to play, We joust. This is a very proud day for Britain. Bring your scones and royal family manikins (don't mention the war!) Kindest Regards, Polychenko *Australian Open Finalist **British no 1. 2013 & April through March 2014 2013-early 2014, Early 2015 onwards p.s. Zoidstar will officiate!
Mar 4th 06:16pm
@Polychenko: Problem solved, pls check comments in the apriopriate matchups!
Mar 4th 03:27pm
@Zoidstar: Poly has posted 0 comments in his SF matchup during the SF week was running. (thats the decisive difference) You are counting 4 other comments of him, which have nothing to do with his semifinal match schedule. Further, Cesar had a bye in QF so how can you compare comments of the QF matchups. And in terms to online activity, Cesar was ahead, since I saw him online during the SF week but not poly. It's a close decision though. A single comment of Poly during the SF week, and I would have picked Poly instead.
Mar 3rd 10:59pm
@GW advancing Cesar to the final is ridiculous (even though he would definitely beat polychenko!) He's played 0 games of tennis and posted 0 comments. Poly has played 3 epic sets of quality ST and posted 4 comments. Who is more active...?
Mar 3rd 07:41pm
@polychenko ahem...3 set 'epic'
Mar 3rd 07:27pm
*corr.: Monte Carlo is capital of Monaco, not your homecountry of course.
Mar 3rd 03:08pm
@Cocatriz: Nope, most likely you will get a lower seeded player in 1st round of monte carlo, so getting destroyed is more unlikely. But fair deal by you anyways. After all you are reaching the final and destroy me at the centrecourt of your homecountry. :-) I'm online now in hamachi btw
Mar 3rd 02:56pm