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SMK Battle (PAL)
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Hey, Someone can accept me in the hamachi network ? Thanks !
Jan 18th 10:58am
Lets wait one more week...some players can still sign up...we can get a great tournament this year!!!
Jan 18th 07:47am
Let's start it Friday morning, so that we can do the first matches during the weekend.
Jan 18th 06:58am
What do you guys say, should we start the battle tournament or wait for a few more sign ups?
Jan 18th 05:32am
Thanks Garro !
Jan 14th 04:34pm
There should be enough room now.
Jan 14th 02:47pm
Hello Skip! Welcome, so here we use to play Zsnes 1.42 and 1.36, for Super Tennis we use " Super Tennis (U) [!]. smc" rom, our forum down unfortunately =(. For any other game we describe the game version example: Super Bomberman 5 (J) .smc and let the players download by themselves, if you want to know something more specifically about Super Tennis then I suggest you send a message to Gabriel West who is the Super Tennis Tournament administrator. Any other questions feel free to ask, good games.
Jan 14th 09:49am
It's great to see that Bomberman is back after so long, I don't like this type of graphics and animations turned to 3D as it is in the Bomberman Ultra, I think it's a bit fake, I do not know why it does not mix very well, I prefer cartoon as in Super Bomberman 5, but I'm glad it will have a story mode, and it's cool that it's back if it succeeds it might be that new bombermans are being introduced to the Nintendo Switch. "features a 50-stage co-op Story Mode for one or two players" And eight players to compete each other so niceeee! I'm very happy to know that!
Jan 14th 09:40am