SF Sep 1st 08:49pm
KI vs (NTSC)
GS Sep 1st 02:30pm
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I guess there is a lot of moving about now. Jey hasn't registered yet but defo A only for him from now on after seeing his level at CDM. KVD i think youd be fine with A only.
Sep 2nd 08:12am
Lol KVD in A and B, Havent played PAL in ages so I need more practice.
Sep 1st 08:03am
I should be a smk admin. I'd do very very good at it.
Aug 31st 09:37pm
SMK PAL Battle up!
Aug 31st 09:25pm
The beautiful thing about it is you get to use the same zsnes netplay. It even adapts to 1.42 and 1.36 I believe. It's a program that, when up, allows more than one client to connect to your IP through TCP. Better let Myself explain the rest of the info. You would like it Raider.
Aug 28th 10:06pm
Finally cool to see that zsnes has been hacked again to be able to be played 3+ players. As I'm still somewhat a z-net goer still I guess this would probably be nice for at least your bomberman and maybe NBA JAM tourneys that you have held sometimes...However I think I'm just going to settle with the zsnes that I use. However if someone is willing to help me with the zsnes 3+ netplay I am willing to try and learn how it is done.
Aug 28th 08:56pm
edit: zsnes freezes when 4* players are connected.
Aug 27th 12:21am
cool to see u here raider. randomly came on here for the first time since start of college and saw ya. welcome back. Since you've been gone, this community has been blessed with a new excellent hacker. in just a matter of days, he created a way for 3+ players to connect together in ZSNES netplay. (zsnes freezes when 3 controllers are used, however. the extra players after the 3 can just spectate) This may be an interest to you as it could benefit the co-op games that you enjoy. Feel free to ask the creator "Myself" or Garro for details on how this is done, as I am busy during these times. Cheers, HAK777
Aug 27th 12:20am