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@Coca, how about this evening if you are about? I can be online anytime after 3pm snesot time (same for tomorrow as well). Just let me know what times best for you and I'll make sure to be there.
Apr 1st 12:59pm
Wayze, as I mentioned before, I probably can't ever play at that time slot. Thursday I will have lots of time to play though so we can probably get it done then.
Mar 31st 10:43am
That's fine Sami. I'll try to play Garro on the Thur afternoon beforehand. Fri will be fine for our usual slot if I win it. Thx mate
Mar 31st 07:28am
Garro / Wayze: If you are able to play during week would be good. Wayze if you make it thru then we can fit in for the usual Friday night slot perhaps (unless any changes happen for me il let you know as it is Easter weekend). Garro if you get through we can do Thursday evening or early next week, should be ok to arrange. Good luck for your match for now.
Mar 31st 07:16am
Just FYI, the SMK quarter final between drew and me will be played on Wednesday, as our timetables don't overlap today and tomorrow.
Mar 30th 05:18pm
moll. When for our match?
Mar 30th 03:51pm
to rushXcalibur: 11 pm snesot time
Mar 30th 12:18pm
marianski and ragecage, when do you wanna play those TA matches?
Mar 29th 06:33pm