GS Jul 24th 10:20am
SB3 Battle (NTSC)
F Jul 23rd 03:56pm
SF Jul 23rd 03:54pm
ST Lawn (NTSC)
F Jul 23rd 01:39pm
TA vs (NTSC)
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Jul 19th 07:00pm
Just found out about this site. Let me know if any tetris attack folks want to play some friendlies
Jul 17th 11:21pm
Attention players ... The tournament Super Bomberman 3 is already working ... Good luck to all and a good tournament :D
Jul 13th 11:45pm
andddd group B has completed all matches, come on the rest of u
Jul 13th 03:56pm
Bowsers Hangman Quiz have been updated! Round 4 (update12) -> Round 3 (update11) -> happy solving..The Quizmaster..
Jul 12th 09:51am
Attention: You can win now real prizemoney in Super Tennis Wimbledon Tournament !!! Startdate: July 19 th.. All participants can win this prizes (except Gabriel West, the prize-donater..snif) :.. PRIZEMONEY for.. the CHAMPION: 10 Dollars !!! ..OR a birthday video if you have no Paypal Account (the latter is only necessary if you win the tourney and prefer the money) PRIZE for: ..the best competitior who haven't won any WCA tourneys so far: A birthday video from Gabriel West !! (won games handycap decides the winner here in case more players are equal) @all:..hope to see you in Wimbledon and a large number of sign ups..good luck in advance..may you win a prize..cheers
Jul 11th 11:46am
Its 9am local te with this post Availability: weekdays, between 5pm -11pm (1am snesot onwards) This weekend im out though, otherwise im catchable
Jul 10th 04:56pm
Konings turn your messaging back on.
Jul 10th 04:46pm