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@Super Tennis Fans: GW is hosting again Tourneys as soon as the forum is back online. (fully repaired). Means, still have that ASTP-Tour continuation in mind for future plans, no worries.
Oct 15th 01:59am
@Nan_Infinite: The Forum won't load for everyone else here nowadays (since a few months about I guess) because it was either hacked or went broken for some mysterious reasons. Or maybe Forum-webmaster Lazaroth has just deactivated it for whatever inexplicable reasons. Now we can only hope the issue will be fixed soon. @Laz & Xot: Bowser just gave me this message that I should forward to you -> "Restore the dam forum!!! Right now!" xD
Oct 15th 01:50am
It would be a little easier to schedule Tetris Attack if I was able to access the forums but they still don't load for me as of today.
Oct 14th 09:26am
Ill need at least 8 people to commit to playing before I can host a tourney. Dont really want to end up cancelling or having it go unfinished. But I am glad to see people are excited about TA
Oct 13th 07:45pm
So nice there's new players for TA... I'm busy these days, but I'll come back to play with you when I get a break if there is no problem.
Oct 13th 04:50pm
I'm always down to play Tetris Attack with anyone. Join the Hamachi server and lets play.
Oct 13th 12:08pm
I'd be down for tetris attack :)
Oct 13th 12:41am
I've been looking to play Tetris attack with others for a long time now. So I would defiantly be interested.
Oct 13th 12:23am