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SMK Battle (NTSC)
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SMK Battle (NTSC)
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SMK Battle (NTSC)
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Wayze and Garro, any news on when your battle match will be played?
Jan 30th 03:33pm
We are getting close to 100 FB likes!
Jan 30th 02:31pm
Kasshim MR bomber flamolino kshrc and Fenty if you here on only active on night or saturday or sunday let me know
Jan 28th 11:42pm
Bloody Poms!
Jan 28th 03:58pm
Lemme help you out with that KK. Youre close, but you aint getting no cigar. It should read something like this: Ahh...ladies and gents, im flabbergasted and frankly tired by the bollocks im spewing. My slang is a bit shit, so shite infact that it makes me wanna yak up. (mind the dodginess) You guys are the mutts nuts though, so please excuse my rubbish. Hope everything is swell with you chaps.
Jan 28th 03:48pm
Ahh... Mates, I'm truly gobsmacked and knackered by my bollocks. My slang was a bit of a damp squib, it makes me want to chunder and was rather dodgy. I think the bee knee's of you blokes, so please excuse my tosh and rubbish. Hope everything is hunky-dory with you all.
Jan 28th 02:09pm
What Tif means, is it is good thing to insult me, so do it as much as you can, but it is not ok to do it to someone else, like Tif. That was the routine in Primary school anyway...
Jan 28th 10:06am
I've got to say I'm quite content to see people trying to find new ways to insult Sami. Please keep going.
Jan 28th 06:43am