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@Hawk: Do me a favor and think about the meaning of 'RESPECT', before you insult people. With that behaviour you are showing only disrespect, that no one helps, not even you, me or snesots prestige.
Jul 28th 09:34pm
@Hawk: LOL, now you going unserious! Your response is ridiculous and everyone here knows that (including you) :-) Just three certain letters (?) would have do better than that.
Jul 28th 09:00pm
classic long Gab West post :P ... you need to realise that what I called you was a great compliment, you should have felt very honoured that I refered to you this way. Very few others here have received that acknowledgement.
Jul 28th 05:15am
Part3) (me also gave you some credit for your disappointment / and I respect and apreciate your good work for snesot a lot) So, if you are a warmhearted guy deep in yourself (like me), with the ability of positive thinkin, then you should agree with me on that.
Jul 27th 11:02pm
Part2) Additional occuring hardware issues can make things even harder and can happen to all of us. Now we better save our energy & focus to show our support for helping in bring back again more activity to snesot, that is exactly, what Xots great website deserves. (No crap talk in mainchat again, in which people starting offending dialoges with the senseless result of unconstructive 'ping pong' talk of which both actors only wasting their time with putting their focus in finding weeknesses of their 'antagonists' only to offend them at a weak point, a 'dumbass' strategy, like one (banned) former member here on snesot maybe had a bit in their repertoire and maybe Bowsers role attitudes in my vids includes) But time for to differentiate something...This is not GW's real target and surely not what the community here expects/wants again in mainchat. Maybe you just had a bad day and just went over the edge with that offend, however, then let's forget about it. (me also gave you some credit
Jul 27th 11:01pm
@Hawk: Part1) Calm down! Now you are completely overreacting with that behaviour, no need to insult me like that! I had trouble with hamachi and couldn't connect or reply anymore because of technical issues. Later I've fixed the prob after reinstalling Hamachi and just missed to recreate the servers in busy times. Also instead of using the mainchat, it would have been wiser by using the PM chat for stuff like that. Why should I delete my own tourn. servers during an assigned tourney runs without being forced? This makes no sense! Yes, of course I can understand your disappointment when someone like me signs up for a tourney without showing enough effort in scheduling his matches (thats why I've apologized myself below) But you also should understand that sometimes people have a life out there (especially on vacation) what reduces the chances for their availability significant.
Jul 27th 11:00pm
Gab West you son of a bitch, how the hell are ya? ...and why did you say nothing and delete the tourno network ? is it still on ?
Jul 27th 08:57am
@Ragi: Midweek I might be up for it..otherwise, when the upcoming ST tournament starts (wont take that long)...P.S.: Since any tournament here is a 'friendly' based in terms of fun & 'relaxation' somehow, including the counted ones, I Hope we can count on you Ragi! ..see you soon on court hopefully:-)
Jul 27th 04:44am